Martian Atmosphere Observation and Modeling

How to build a graph?

In the form on the top left panel select the Variable, set the Time, Longitude, Latitude and Altitude ranges and then click "Get data" button. You can also set some additional parameters by clicking "Show advanced options" link.

What "range", "average", "summing" mean?

There are special lists next to each variable range, where you can set the handling mechanism for the variable if its initial value is not equal to final. "Range" sets the interval for the variable without any further processing and produces a new axis on the graph. "Average", "summing", "maximum" and "minimum" are the mean, total, maximum and minimum values within a predetermined range, respectively.

How to cite?

See the cite instruction.

Do you have API? How I can use/download your data in my program?

Yes, we have. See the API instruction.

What is the difference between Scenarios?

See the log information with the description of model versions.

The site returned an error

Contact administrator, specify the error, parameters of the graph and approximate time of the attempt.

I have another question

Feel free to contact us.